The deserted effect of Covid19 on Racism, a research by Medihelp WEWA (Frank Agyemang-Prempeh)

A research conducted by Medihelp West-Europe / West Africa proved that there have been a high increase of racism among continents as the world faces this pandemic.

The leader of this international Non governmental organization Mr. Agyemang-Prempeh Frank today in his interview with Kobby Gossips admitted that a research their team conducted taking into consideration 4 continents which include Northern America , Africa , Asia and Europe on the Covid 19 pandemic brings to light a neglected increased of racism due to the pandemic. A video once surfaced the internet where some African migrants were evicted out of their homes leaving them stranded on the streets of Guangzhou because of the fear of the pandemic in China.

Irrespective of the global scramble to curb the Covid 19 crisis, issues popped up at a most unexpected front between China and Africa.

In America it was established that the fatality rate among black Americans are as twice higher as the white Americans. In Europe, a french researcher on an interview claim we should start the vaccination from Africa.

Xenophobia and more specifically sinophobia is on the rise. An estimated 1 million Chinese live and work in Africa. Many now face the added scrutiny or outright discrimination. The pandemic has brought about the fear of the people of the Asian descent “A video being shared widely on social media shows an angry crowd threatening two Asians in Africa.

In some parts of Africa, leaders who used to take loans and accept gifts from foreign countries like Asia and Europe now refuse to take donations which comes in form of protective equipments to help prevent the pandemic from them just because they have the notion its a way to spread the pandemic in Africa.

In as much as China sent medical equipments and doctors to the continent during the crisis, the country still went ahead to practice racism and discrimination against African migrants.

We are battling with only one enemy , Corona Virus as D. TRUMP of America , Emmanuel Macron of France , Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo of Ghana , stated earlier March .

He finally concluded that although the world leaders are doing their best in tackling this menace nevertheless their research conducted has showed a very high increase of Racism which can negatively help the virus gain momentum and defeat we the general public and even if we are able to overcome it might increase racial disparities among us .