MediHelp WE-WA Global Youth Summit- April 2020

Global Youth Summit

As part of the arrangements to spice up the imminent youth summit scheduled for 17th to 19th April, 2020, MediHelp WE-WA will be holding a scintillating panel discussion and debate session to explore more health related matters. The debate as well as the panel discussion, will be focused on the field of health, most especially, achieving the SDG-3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. Interested panelists or health enthusiasts are hereby informed to register their participation.

It will be an event that will create opportunities for various stakeholders (students, policy makers, volunteers, leads of NGOs, etc) to share their perspectives on the bottlenecks surrounding the journey to achieving the SDG 3, propose possible remedies and make general conclusions on the way forward. It will also be an avenue to share the progresses made so far towards attaining the SDG

The Organization will be opened for all forms of support for this event, during which the locals can participate in a health walk followed by educational sessions and a health screening. The expected population of persons to be screened is One Thousand (1,000), with Ten (10) health professionals, who will be needed for this exercise. The financial commitment will be needed to cover the cost of equipment, drugs, feeding and transportation of health professionals, etc.

The vision for this project is to contribute towards existing health care needs among people in the metropolis with the aim of;

  • Screening for life and sight threatening conditions
  • Screening for persons with dental problems
  • Providing medications
  • Screening for ENT problems among the people
  • Screening for malnourishment in children

The 2 – Day event which is expected to start from Friday morning and end on Saturday in the night is comprehensively explained below:

Day 1 (Friday)

On Air Panel Discussion

Panellists from Europe, Asia and Africa countries who are deeply inclined to the motive and the theme of the event will make their perspectives through a presentation on air (Television/ Radio). The thematic areas shall be the problems in achieving the SDG 3, the role of the NGOs in achieving the SDG 3, how to get appropriate funding for projects, amongst other impactful submissions.

Inter – High School Debate

There will be an Inter – High School Debate amongst some selected Senior High Schools in the Greater Accra Region. The student body will share their intellectual perspectives on the theme through competitive debates.

This debate seek intellectual – based and verifiable facts from the students as far as the SDG 3, its bottlenecks and solutions are concerned. It will be a great feeling where selected Senior High Schools in the Greater Accra engage in a competitive intellectual debate for honourary awards and the bragging right.

Day 2 (Saturday)

Health Walk:

The MediHelp team and the people of the Nungua Municipality will be parading through the principal streets of the community, creating awareness about the upcoming event.

Health Talk:

There shall be health talk by qualified health personnel on “sex” and “food & nutrition” and other common diseases which are predominant in the area; outlining the prevention and the curative measures. The information sessions target some specific problems in the region like safe sex practices, overweight and diabetes.

Health Screening:

There will be a health screening for the entire Nungua community, where health personnel will screen and offer health advise accordingly. The exercise will focus on comprehensive general health examination, eye health examination, ear, nose and throat examination, oral examination (dental), Nutritional health assessment and some laboratory investigations (Hb, RDT etc).

Medihelp WEWA health awareness project


This event is projected to touch about One Thousand lives (young and old) in the Nungua Municipality. It is also estimated to reach out to about 500 Senior High School and Tertiary Students across the country. Apart from the immediate impact the health talk and the health screening on the immediate community of Nungua and its environs, this huge number, who some may be made ambassadors and promoters of the agenda will go a run way to get us close to achieving the long term SDG 3.

Specific Impacts:  

  • Good health and sight is very necessary for productivity and daily life activities and hence,Ø diagnosis and appropriate intervention of health problems would enhance the individual’s daily life activities.
  • Most eye problems are usually asymptomatic as they develop and the symptoms occur at theØ advanced stage where they are usually irreversible. Eye examination should thus be performed regularly (not only when the individual has symptoms) for early detection and prompt treatment of eye disorders and diseases to avoid lifelong visual impairments and disabilities.
  • Learning is a combination of seeing and hearing. For that matter hearing impairment canØ affect the learning process. Therefore students with hearing difficulties will be given the necessary attention. Ear syringing or ‘washing’ will be done where appropriate.
  • Free medications will be provided where necessary as first aid.

Project Evaluation

The MediHelp team as the traditions has been, with not leave the project unevaluated. The team members will be given diverse responsibilities to monitor progress made after these outlined activities in the Nungua Municipality. The health facilities in the community and other personalities in the community will be engaged on the health cases before and some periods after the MediHelp event.

The measure and the outcome will inform the next plan of action for the community, which will obviously focus on extending the support and deepening the sensitization. Even though, this will demand further financial commitments, MediHelp will never relent on monitoring and evaluating such an event, which will serve as a base for further engagements.


Ensuring healthy lives and promoting the wellbeing at all ages is essential to sustainable development. We therefore seek your support to make this exercise a success to benefit the community and nation at large.

Any correspondence can be sent to our email or +233260873664/ +233240372015.

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