Make A Non-cash Donation

As we try to collect new and secondhand goods to help our causes, you can make a non-cash donation in the following categories:

  • Medical Equipment
  • Clothing
  • Educational books
  • Toys
  • Other

The items do not need to be new or unused, but we have no use for things that are broken or in a bad state.

Call us today: +233 54 084 1515

Make A Cash Donation

You can choose to make a cash donation to our cause, without becoming an annual member.

By donating cash instead of goods you allow our charity more flexibility.

Become A Sponsor

If your company wants to help us out by donating a large amount of professional equipment or making a significant financial contribution, you can contact us in regards to setting up a sponsorship meeting. You will be featured on our website &social media, and your logo will be displayed at the events we organize, in accordance to the agreements made during the sponsorship meeting.