1ST MediHelp International Essay Writing Competition

Over the last two decades, increasing emphasis has been placed on health communication and awareness strategies that are collaboratively designed, implemented, and evaluated.
The need for effective health communication is growing. Today, both public and private institutions are using the internet and other technologies to speed the delivery of health information.
Medihelp WEWA is committed to creating awareness on the need for healthy living, and in light of that, has come up with an ESSAY WRITING CONTEST.

The Essay Writing competition seeks to bring together highly talented youth to unearth their writing prowess on health related topics for awareness creation and communication.
Outlined below are some of the targets the competition seeks to achieve:

– Informing and educating the public, while also setting the agenda for public debate about health related topics, thereby modifying the pool of opinions surrounding them.

– Encouraging national and international policy changes so as to create an enabling environment for people to change their behaviours for healthy living.

– To help reduce the stigma of certain disease which arises as a result of poor propagation of information about the disease.

-To help in the determination of early signs and warnings about various illnesses.

– To give better understanding of various illnesses and how people can prevent them.

– Promotion of health knowledge, attitudes, and practices, to effect policy changes and regulation to protect, maintain, and advance individual and community health.


  1. The competition is open to citizens of every country who is a student or graduated from University not more than four years prior to applying.
  2. The applicant will be demanded to write a short introduction about him/herself, making reference to the country, education background, professional experience (if any) and the motivation for joining the competition.
  3. Length of Essay: Essay should be between 1000 to 1200 words.
  4. Essay must be submitted in either English or French.
  5. Authors/ Contesters must provide their Nationally recognized ID Card, Postal Address, Telephone Number(s), Social media handles and Email Addresses on the cover page of their essay, together with the title of the essay and personal bio.
  6. Authors/ Contesters must submit a passport-sized photo and bio data page of their Passport or National Identification Cards as proof of identity.


  1. Impact of health challenges in Africa.
  2. Workable solutions to health challenges in Africa.
  3. How health awareness creation can be effective.
  4. How to curtail disease and mental health stigma in Africa.


  1. Essay previously submitted in other Essay writing competitions are not eligible to be submitted.
  2. Works of other author(s) and organizations are not accepted, and cannot be submitted.
  3. Published Essays cannot be submitted as well.
  4. Authors/ Contesters can submit only one essay at a time.



  1. A Fully Funded trip to Medihelp 2020 Delegate conference in Paris, France.
  2. Opportunity to become a Medihelp WEWA Global Ambassador

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